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We are excited that your are as curious about spermidine as we are! Here are some links to relevant scientific research you might want to read.


Q| Where can I find reliable and independent information on soy and its effect on health?
A| Here is a good example for an excellent read: Harvard T.H / Chan School of Public Health, an institute of Harvard University/USA.
“Straight Talk About Soy” is a well-researched overview on the positive health effects of a soy-rich diet. The focus here is on isoflavones, i.e. on soy proteins.

Q: Are there any scientific papers on soy as part of the human diet which are freely available?
A: Mark Messina has had a particular interest in soy-based diets for many years – there is an open access paper in the internationally renowned Journal of Nutrition “Insights Gained from 20 years of Soy Research” published in 2020. This paper is an excellenet starting point for your own research on this topic.

Q: Increasing your life-span with spermidine?
A: Aging in good health is priceless – there are many different aspects which makes it difficult to give a straight answer. There are some clues which indicate that spermidine has life-proloning effects. A study from the Medical University of Innsbruck has shown that is the true in humans: “A diet rich in spermidine keeps humans young for longer”

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